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Jacqueline’s Confidence Portrait Session | Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

This session had it all: sexiness, confidence, happiness, and self-love. I’ve known Jacq for a couple years now – we worked together at a restaurant in Downtown Morgantown. Although we hardly talk, we immediately clicked. Our conversations have always been meaningful and open. Jacq has know life’s struggles and for the last year, she has faced everything head on.

Jacq is a woman who LOVES her coffee. I mean, she gets coffee that has a skull and bones on it. If that doesn’t tell you how strong she takes it, then I don’t know what would! She’s a Slytherin like me and embraces the cunning, the ambition, the determination, and the leadership.

We spent hours together in her house taking photos. From sitting and chatting over coffee to dancing around her kitchen with sage. I experimented with my prism and copper piping. I have had these objects for a couple years but never really played around with them before my session with Jacq.

Check out this little cutie! He was curious about what his mom was up to and decided to join in on the fun.

I stopped determining my value based on what I produced and determined my value based on me.

Jacqueline Fowler

Jacq has seen her fair share of difficulties but her story isn’t mine to tell. Instead, I’ll tell you what I took away from this incredible session with this stunning human.

Before my session with Jacq, I had been struggling with everything going on in my life. All of 2018 and the January 2019 was a hardship I hated facing. I felt alone. I felt isolated. I had just reacquainted with my two best friends after a falling out when I had my session with Jacq. Her outlook and her positivity just CLICKED with me. The layers of sadness, of depression, of self-loathing began to slowly peel away, leaving a raw and emotional feeling.

Jacq was definitely my wake up call.

After my session with this goddess of a woman, I was set on a path I was determined not to stray from. She showed me clarity. She gave me relief. Jacq had been living as true to herself as she possibly could be and every fiber in my being WANTED what she had. I’m not a jealous individual. I yearn for things and aspire to achieve my goals and dreams, but I wanted and desperately needed to feel the love for myself that Jacq felt for herself.

The beginning of February was the start of something more for me.

Jacq lives with her best friend Roger and they have the coolest setup. They adhere to a strict set of House Rules and unless you’re in on their inside jokes, they probably look a little weird.

Needless to say, I’m obsessed with Jacq’s session. Fourish hours together, different outfits, and unique styles can create quite an experience for not only my client but for me as well. Being in her world gave me a peek into her soul.

You don’t need a hotel room or a perfectly in place house to have a sexy photo shoot. You just need you and your confidence. 

This woman is a force to be reckoned with. She is fierce and passionate and to know someone like Jacq is to know a genuine soul. Her journey to being true to herself is nothing short of incredible. She’s finding her place and she is moving the earth to do so.

And one day she discovered that she was fierce, and strong, and full of fire, and that not even she could hold herself back because her passion burned brighter than her fears.

– Mark Anthony, ‘The Beautiful Truth’

Love yourself fully and wholeheartedly. Love yourself unconditionally. You owe it to you, to your body, to your soul. Find what makes you you and hold onto it.

There was a lot that I took from this adventure. The most important lesson: Just Be.

Be authentic. Be free. Be yourself. Be.

I am a West Virginia based photographer who primarily photographs authentic moments filled with raw emotion. I frequently travel to capture love between couples and families, especially to Pennsylvania, Maryland, and Ohio areas. Contact me to inquire about available dates!


  • Karen M. Fowler

    Your photos are fabulous! Jacqueline is my niece by marriage. I love her and her spirit. At some point late Spring I am wanting to do photos of my mom, me, my son and his children.

    Thank you. I am on Instagram. Pls look me up and i will follow and share your information..

    • elishaleigh

      Thank you so much! I absolutely adore Jacq and I would love to capture your family portraits. I will be sure to find you on Instagram. I am still undergoing some branding changes so my account is bare. Soon that will change!

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