Becca Rohn & Taylor Rouse Confidence Session | Morgantown, West Virginia

Let me start off by saying that this session did not go as initially planned but still turned out devastatingly gorgeous. Becca and Taylor are two best friends who I met working at Iron Horse Tavern in the University Town Centre of Morgantown, West Virginia.

We had planned to meet early and go to Black Water Falls in Davis, West Virginia, but Mother Nature had other plans. I woke up Wednesday, January 30th to a blizzard. The roads were covered and the drivers on the interstate headed south were NOT budging. Getting to the Falls and back would have been dangerous and stupid on my part.

So, despite the weather and the crazy conditions, these two were still up for a romp around in the snow and I took them to one of my favorite places on earth – my aunt and uncle’s house! That house has its own story in my life but I’ll save that for another time.

In just a month, I have come to know Becca as the sweetest, kindest, and most endearing soul. She cares deeply for her friends, is incredibly intelligent, loves animals, and the fact that she wasn’t afraid to roam the snowy landscape and throw snow at her best friend is just one more reason that I love her.

Seriously, just LOOK at the fierceness of this beautiful and goddess-like woman!

Soooo let’s talk about this woman next! I met Taylor when working at a restaurant in Downtown Morgantown – actually, it was the same place I met Jacq, but at different points in my time there!

She is fierce (this is seriously my favorite word to describe the women in my life. I have been truly blessed to be surrounded by such phenomenal people.) and she is gorgeous. When you first meet Taylor, it is easy to be thrown off by her RBF (resting bitch face), but once you start talking to her, she is as kind and as true as Becca. It’s easy to see why these two are best friends!

The weather was treacherous. It was 0 degrees with a windchill factor of -10. It felt awful and I thought I was going to get frostbite from the snow! I may or may not have worn gloves. Or a hat. Or a even a decent jacket. However, I got to rock a snowy and gorgeous session with two beauties who dominated every pose and every look, so I firmly believe it was worth it the cold temperatures!

I am a West Virginia based photographer who primarily photographs authentic moments filled with raw emotion. I frequently travel to capture love between couples and families, especially to Pennsylvania, Maryland, and Ohio areas. Contact me to inquire about available dates!

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